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- HA Tecno awarded a grant by State of Paraná Innovation Secretary (Program Paraná Anjo Inovador) for innovative project - 05/12/2023

- HA Tecno included in the list of Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP) "Daughters of Unicamp" that includes startups from former students  

- HA Tecno selected by Baita Accelerator to acceleration and investment program - 05/09/2024

- LIVEID (biometry and liveness test) Demonstration version available in ACCESS DEMO APP 

- HA Tecno seeks validation customers for biometric and liveness APP - July/2022

- HA Tecno signs contract for innovative optical scanner development - July/2022

   Product Information



Our scanner, based on Optical Coherence Tomography, permits reading and generating 2D and 3D fingerprints through scanning of epidermis (external layer) or dermis (internal layer) to detect frauds by fake fingerprints and skin alteration (caused by abrasion,  acid burns, cuts).

The same technology (under development) can be used in newborn babies from the birth room to the maternity checkout, overcoming the main challenges of  babies’  identification and preventing babies switch.

We are working with a University Hospital (UFPR) to test our technology.



Our innovative technology scans fingerprints and runs heartbeat liveness test using the the smartphone camera.

Less friction, inclusive biometrics (no racial bias, ethnicity friendly, all ages and works with simple cheap smartphones) are some differentials. 

IHow LIVEID works (Click Here)